Assembly Operator 1

WRE is seeking hard-working individuals to join a newly formed production team dedicated to manufacturing small arms ammunition primers.


142277 N Livesay Rd, Des Arc, AR 72040


Assembly Operator Duties & Responsibilities

• Assemble ammunition primers
▪ Includes careful attention to detail while:
▪ Maintaining equipment tolerances
▪ Orienting primer cups
▪ Charging cups with primer mix
▪ Orienting and setting primer anvils
▪ Applying lacquer
• Inspect at different stages of the assembly process
to maintain quality and consistency
• Keep workstations clean and neat.
• Work in conjunction with quality control to ensure
primers meet quality standards
• Adhere to all WRE safety, production, and workforce policies

Required Skills/Abilities:

Assembly Operator Required Skills & Abilities

• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
• Ability to meet deadlines
• Ability to stay on task
• Must be able to work well with team members
• Be able to maintain a safe working environment

Education and Experience:

Assembly Operator Education & Experience

• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Previous manufacturing experience desired, but not required

Physical Requirements:

• Ability to stand and move for extended periods of time.